My Best Friend, My Worst Enemy, My Unbiological Sister, My Partner in Joy and in Crime


“The only reason God didn’t make us sisters, is because one mom couldn’t handle us both.” -Unknown

I am sister-less and yet, I have her:
She who removes all my fears away;
With her golden smile, to die for
She cheerfully lights up every day.

My decade-old best friend is she,
Ever since we first met in Grade One.
She’s crazy, but really sweet;
Like the wind she can (read: could 😛 ) run

Despite our many differences,
We are one and the same.
And when the artist in her finally steps out,
Trust me, she will rise to fame!

Cooking is my passion, eating is hers
So we definitely make a very good pair.
Give her choc.chip pie, and she’ll be yours,
But remember to handle with love and care!



When Best Friends Tear You Apart

In such instances, I like to quote Ajay Devgn’s character Prithviraj from Bol Bachchan: “Tum logon ne meray dil ko kuchla hai, ronda hai, tora hai! Ab yeh pehalwan…tum logon ki hadiyaan toray ga! I will put the last nailpolish in the coffin KYON KAAAYYY (and then something like) ataa maaji satak li hai!!”

This translates into: “You people have trampled on my heart, ripped it apart, broken it! Now this mighty…will break your bones! I will put the last nail’polish’ in the coffin BECAUSE I have lost it!!”

Okay, the situation is not so melodramatic. It’s nothing to do with my real best friend in fact…Just that ‘Best Friends’ fits in better than ‘Friends’ or ‘Good Friends’. This talks about multiple incidents with quite a few people, that have taken place over the past 2-3 years.


When Best Friends tear you apart
And your world is falling down,
Take a deep breath and relax.
‘Cause there’s a new world to be found.

When Best Friends bail on you
And you turn into a laughing-stock,
Gather up your courage.
It’s high time they got a shock.

When Best Friends take offence
And petty things don’t seem so trivial anymore,
Leave them, it’s for the best.
After all, it’s your heart they tore.

When Best Friends spread rumours, untrue
And you’re suspected for things you’d never do,
Boldly, take up a stand.

When Best Friends tear you apart
And your world is falling down,
Take a deep breath and relax.
‘Cause there’s a new world to be found.


Dreams of A Brighter Future

!روشن مستقبل کا خواب

دورِ غلامی ہو یا حکومت ہو مسلمانوں کی

اصل طاقت ہوتی ہے قوم کے نوجوانوں کی

ہوں اگر یہ نوجوان زیورِ تعلیم سے بہرمند

روشن ہوگا نام، سنور جائی گی قسمت اس قوم کی

ستاروں پی جا کے ڈالیں گے کمند یہ نوجوان بالآخر

پیچھے نہ رہیں گی دخترانِ ملّت بھی اس قوم کی

کٹ مریں گے ملّت کی آبرو کی لئے

سر اٹھا کے جی سکیں گی بچیاں اس قوم کی

استفادہ حاصل کریں گے جدید سائنسی تعلیم سے

ہر بچی بننا چاہے گی پھر ارفع اس قوم کی

ہر بچہ بننا چاہے گا پھر عبدالقدیر خان

ایٹمی طاقت بن جائی گی شناخت اس قوم کی

چیر ڈالیں گے زمین کو اور سمندر کو

ڈھونڈ نکالیں گے پھر چھپی دولت اس قوم کی

لہلہائیں گے کھیت، سر سبز ہوں گی وادیاں

روزی ملے گی دہقان کو، پھر ترقی ہوگی اس قوم کی

اتر آئین گے میدان میں ناجانے کتنے ہی میر جعفر و صادق

نہ ٹوٹے گی، نہ مرے گی ہمّت اس قوم کی

 تحریم خان –


Daur-e-Ghulami ho, ya hukoomat ho musalmanon ki
Asal taqat hoti hai qaum ke naujawanon ki
Be it the era of slavery, or be Muslims in power
The real power lies in the hands of the youth of the nation

Hon agar yeh naujwana zaiwar-e-taleem se beher amand
Roshan hoga naam, sanwar jai gi qismat is qaum ki
If these youth are provided with the jewel of education
The nation’s name will be known (in a good way), and its destiny will be better

Sitaron pe jaa ke daalain ge kamand yeh naujawan bil aakhir
Peeche na rahin gi dukhtaran-e-millat bhi is qaum ki
The youth will eventually reach up high to the stars
The women of nation will not be left behind either

Kat marain ge millat ki aabro ke liye
Sar utha ke jee sakain gi bachiyan is qaum ki
They will die for the honour of the nation
The girls of this nation will be able to lead respectable lives

Istifaada haasil karain ge jadeed sciencie taleem se
Har bachi banna chahay gi phir Arfa is qaum ki
We will benefit from modern scientific education
Every girl will want to be like Arfa (Karim)

Har bacha banna chahay ga phir Abdul Qadeer Khan
Aitmi taqat ban jai gi shinakht is qaum ki
Every boy will want to be like (Dr.) Abdul Qadeer Khan
This nation (or country) will be then recognized as a Nuclear power

Cheer daalain ge zameen ko aur samandar ko
Dhoond nikalain ge phir chupi daulat us qaum ki
We will tear apart (metaphorically) the earth and the skies
We will then discover the hidden wealth of this nation

Lehlahain ge khait, sar sabz hoon gi wadiyan
Rozi milay gi dehqan ko, phir taraqqi hogi is qaum ki
The agricultural lands will flourish, the valleys will bloom
The farmer will get his rightful wages, the nation will then develop

Utar aain ge maidan mein naajaane kitne hi Meer Jafar o Sadiq
Na toote gi, na maray gi himmat is qaum ki
Nobody knows how many Mir Jafars and Mir Sadiqs (treacherous generals of history) will arrive
But the nation will not be demoralized 


An Unfinished Nasheed

Aww…my poor, very much neglected blog: I’m sorry 😦

Really, I have NO time on my hands these days. And that’s saying a lot, considering I am only 15 years old, with no family to look after and no mouths to feed (for now).

BUT, it is the Examination Class…Grade 10 of the Cambridge System and I’ll be appearing for my Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies papers in May *gulp*.

And thus, I have no time.
It’s all study, study, study…and my Unit Assessments are next week (I haven’t even completed a quarter of the syllabus, and that’s really bad for me.)
But, my dear blog, I promise you, the weekend after the Units, however much homework I have, I will, I WILL make a trizillion recipes and I WILL post them for my viewers to view them (and hopefully make them). And I WILL write all those essays that have been circulating my mind these past few days.
Hopefully, a miracle will happen and my projects and homeworks and self-studies and GenCarma work will do itself on it’s own.
Shouldn’t get my hopes up too high though.

Well, I had this amazing idea and I jotted down the lyrics to a Nasheed, I’ll compose myself (IF I have the time). And here go the unfinished lyrics ( I swear I will complete them once I have free time) :

Every day when I wake up
Every morning when I get up

The alarm is ringing
But, gettin’ out of bed, seems the hardest thing

The sky is still dark
I can hear the sounds of the Azaan

I go to the prayer-room
Do Wudu
Spread out my prayer mat

Doing Sajdah to you*

Look to the right, and then to the left
Saying: Assalam-u-Alaikum-wa-Rehmat-Allah


Step out on the terrace for my morning stroll
The sun’s just risen up and the sky has turned blue
Everything is so beautiful
Gotta say: Alhumdullilah to you*


*’you’ is addressed to Allah SWT (or God-whatever you call Him)

And well…that’s that! For now, at least.

Hope you like it.

I gotta rush!
Have to study History, Islamiyat, Biology, Physics, Maths, Add. Maths, and God knows what else!

Allah Hafiz and Goodbye 🙂

To My Nephew

Nothing is nicer
Nothing is better
Than having a nephew
Who’s sweet like you.

Who has a dimple
When he smiles, his eyes crinkle
Who has a heart that’s true
Who’s exactly like you.

Who brings sunshine
Who’s smarter than Einstein
Who has a priceless value
Who’s perfectly like you.

Who laughs with glee
Who’s life has no worry
Who loves to wear blue
Who’s wonderful like you.

Who’s fast and hyper-active
Who’s mood is always festive
Who likes the zoo
Who’s lovely like you.

Truely, nothing is nicer
Nothing is better
Than having a nephew
Who’s sweet like you.

For my darling, the love of my life…My nephew, Abdullah who just turned 1 year old on the 4th of May ❤

Abdullah on his 1st birthday 🙂

Life Changes

I wrote this as a song for my Literature Project in grade 9, inspired by John Keats’s “Ode to Autumn”.

It has been published in our Annual School Magazine: The Generian (session 2011-2012) !!!

When I woke up one day
Life had changed in a weird way
‘Cause I was, a little girl of five
Walking through a lush green meadow
Hearing the thrushes sing
Watching the honeybee hive
The flowers bloomed
I didn’t even know the meaning of gloom
Holding my momma’s hand
I ran across the leveled land
And then, the picture changed
Blocking my carefree way, stood a mountain
And I wasn’t a little girl any more
With my head held high, I started climbing up
People were watching from below
As through the sky I soared.
And I realized that:
At every step, life does change
Nothing ever, remains the same
Life’s summer ends, Autumn begins
Winter’s incoming, Life’s begun shortening.

 And there I was, climbing up the mountain
At every step, I was ageing
From a high spirited teenage girl
To a pretty little lady
And for a few moments
When I looked from left to right
I saw patches of colourful flowers,
Which started to wither at the growing height
But, I still had the energy
And willpower, to reach my final destiny
And after a few years of non-stop endeavor
I had fulfilled my desire
Was finally at the top of the mountain
Emerging victorious, feeling elated
As if, I’d been ruling the world
But by then, I was totally drained.
And I realized that:
At every step, life does change
Nothing ever, remains the same
Life’s summer ends, Autumn begins
Winter’s incoming, Life’s begun shortening.

 But, that feeling of victory
Was, only just momentary
And it was, nearing twilight
I was exhausted
Couldn’t go a step further
Was in a pitiable plight
I laid down on the grass which was yellow-green
My eyelids were heavy, I soon dropped off to sleep
And after that, when I woke up
I found myself in my present state
An old, grey-haired woman, resting her head
On the back of my rocking-chair
Waiting for death, while listening to mournful music
Counting out my last days, as I am really sick
Then finally, the time to wait is over
I see Death approaching, everybody’s crying
And I realized that:
At every step, life does change
Nothing ever, remains the same
Life’s summer ends, Autumn begins
Winter’s incoming, Life’s begun shortening.