Things Carma ’14 (and my trip) Taught Me

  1. It isn’t so easy to trust people and first impressions are definitely not the last impressions.
  2. There is no end to the list of stupid, easily mislead people in the world and I head that list.
  3. The all-nighters I used to pull in Khi are nothing!
  4. I sleep a lot.
  5. Coffee (and tea) is a gift from Allah.
  6. Chop Chop is the best (in terms of taste, ease, service and reasonablity) place to have 4/5 meals from in 3 days.
  7. The guys I’d hated ever since we were kids and studying together, are actually the most caring. Thanks a lot for carrying our luggage and also for making us feel secure by providing VIP protocol at Joyland.
  8. There is something wrong with our female faculty advisor.
  9. Sir Saeed, on the other hand, is as “cooool” (to quote him) as the boyses (esp when he’s walking backwards on a Lahori street and singing We Will Rock You with them :D)
  10. Berrah is one hell of a rapper! And Zoha isn’t the most annoying girl I have ever met; she’s the coolest and the craziest! ❤ And Ifrah is veryyy scary (she wants to marry a rich guy and then brutally murder him *gulp*) but not the scary I used to think she was. 🙂
  11. Bareeri whines when she has to wake up early (I have the recording to prove it) 😉
  12. Aleem needs to get his eyes checked. -_- I did not cry inside the lab.
  13. Trump. (Thanks Anas!)
  14. Contacts help. 😉
  15. A certain person who has a certain level of authority in Generation’s is kanjooooosss!!
  16. LUMS CARMA requires people (or a team) with 3 major qualities: Good speakers, Good in IT, and Able to attend events the whole day and stay awake to work the whole night and yet remain fresh throughout.
  17. Live concert songs aren’t as amazing as music recorded in a studio.
  18. There is at least one guy in the whole of Brazil who is “movie-star hot”. *blushes and faints*
  19. LUMS is possibly the most bigri-hoi-place that I have ever seen with my own eyes.
  20. Girls smoke. I’m still shocked. 😮
  21. Rice dishes in Lahore are pheeki.
  22. Africans resemble Red-Indians. As if.

And one thing that I never learnt or understood:

  1. Why do people have ‘girlfriends’ and ‘boyfriends’, when eventually they are going to have this really big fight and then they will never want to face each other again, and even if they have to, they will only be uneasy themselves and make everybody around them feel awkward?

4 thoughts on “Things Carma ’14 (and my trip) Taught Me

  1. Firstly, I’m not crazy. Never was nor ever will be. :p Secondly, I’m definitely cool. ^_^ And annoying… that word so doesn’t suit me. 😀

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