To Beautiful Memories and Glorious Days

Those little little moments that have a special place in your memories and in your heart. When you have only laughed, without any thought of the world surrounding you, without any stress or worry. When you, for a second or two, just dived into Utopia. Those little little moments that you wish you could snapshot, so later on, they would just not be a part of memory but something palpable; something to be touched, to be hugged.

Those times when you were happy, in every true sense of the word. Those times when you felt optimistic and buoyant. Those times when you either sunk into a glorious, ecstatic trance, or you felt like jumping up and yelling your joy to the world. Those times that are better than the discovery of being in love. Those memories that you cherish. Those moments that are the best incentives of living; because of which, you struggle each day to keep on breathing the fresh air, to keep on living.

Those days when you wake up, with the sun’s rays falling on you, a beaming smile on your face. And you take a deep breath and are in RELAX mood. When you chill, and you love it. When you do not take offence at anybody’s remarks. When you feel that everything is perfect for once, and you do not want to be the one to change any minute detail about Nature.

Those times when, when your teachers compliment you, you feel more loved than you do when your parents do. When nothing matters except inner beauty and love and bliss. When your heart expands with joy and elation even due to small, seemingly insignficant victories. When you attain the maximum level of satisfaction and comfort. When, like me at this moment, you feel blessed and loved and praised and adored and jubilant and content. 🙂


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