Reflections: An Amazing Life

It was some 13 years ago that I entered Pre-Nursery as a teeny-weeny child. As my mother tells me I was pretty glad to be away from my brothers for once, and so, I was laughing. But, I expect to leave as a rather chubby teenager, grief-stricken, to leave the best home she’s ever had.

(*A very bored audience…“Another reflection…UGH”*)

I have no such definite recollections of my pre-primary days, expect for the fact that I met two of the sweetest teachers God ever created: Ms. Humaira Shahzad, and Ms. Fehmida Jamal.

As I grew up throughout the Starter and Junior sections, I met some really amazing and some maybe not so amazing teachers, but what’s true is that all of them had a hand in my social, moral, intellectual, and emotional development. Ms. Shahida, Ms. Huma Khalil, Ms. Umbreen, Ms. Rahila, Ms. Khadija Noorani, thank you for being there whenever I needed you.

Then came along another wonderful addition to this very long list: Ms. Humaira Salman, probably the strictest and yet, one of the most loving teachers I’ve had. Ms. Sainora, Ms. Saima, Ms. Nadia, Ms. Farkhunda, Ms Hemani, Ms. Abida were all like precious gems.

Ms. Farida, thank you for initiating that spark of love for one of my most favourite subjects now, which, back then, I loathed.

And Ms. Ayesha Nizami: all the dictionaries of all languages combined together don’t have sufficient words to describe your elegance and perfection!

The Middle Section, I can confidently claim, consisted up of the four years in which I grew up the most. Okay, so nobody in their right senses would call me ‘mature’, but I am relatively more grown-up now than I was back in class VI, and I want to thank Ms. Rabia Jamal for being the only teacher who acknowledged this change. (*I meant this to be serious but many laughed at the mature thingy -_- *)

Ms. Ayesha Muneeb, who taught me the meaning of the phrase ‘motherly teacher’. Ms. Qaisara, who is total sweetness overload! The amazing time I spent with Ralph, Piggy and Jack (Lord of the Flies): I owe it to Ms. Kanwal. And Ms. Beena, for her perfect-o smile, the love for Literature with which she taught ‘Ode to Autumn’ and ‘Macbeth’, and for the admirable ease with which she could handle when I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Ms. Beenish, Ms. Iffat, Dr. Kanwal are amazing science teachers. And special thanks to Ms. Haider for being the most enthusiastic teacher ever! (*Laughs and (pleased) hoots from the audience*)

And because it was under Ms. Nighat Khalil, that I first stopped hating Urdu, so thank you for that.

And now that I realize it, thank you Ms. Sabiha for giving me a reality check and for making me a better person; for changing your opinion about me, because not many people would do that.

And…Ms. Rukhsana…well, what can I say about you? Thank you for assuming that I am a master ventriloquist, while really, I’ve tried and tried and I can’t even whistle! (*My class gets the sarcasm and laughs 😛 *)

Ms. Sadia Abdul Qadir, you are the sweetest, the most admirable (and not to mention the prettiest) person, I’ve come across in my life. Thank you for existing! (*clapping*)

Ms. Amin, thank you for being so sincere and so flawless. (*more clapping –> proof: everybody loves her 🙂 *)

Sir Zeeshan, for being a really amazing Physics teacher.

Ms. Fauzia Samreen, thank you for being patriotic, for making the driest of dry subjects (*she nods sarcastically-at least that’s what it looked like*) so much more likeable (*she starts smiling 🙂 *) and for accepting an apology. I’m not the kind of person who’d normally be associated with emotions, but it really meant so much to me.

Thank you Ms Noreen, Ms Khadija for being super-cool sports teachers. Despite your fearful anger, Ms. Noreen, you rock when you’re in a good mood. (*The moment where I started laughing so hard onstage that I couldn’t speak*) And thank you Sir Asim, for forever calling me ‘Chota Huzaifa’! (*Huge Applause*)

Ms. Razi, for adding fuel to my hatred every Literature block! (*It was Staff APPRECIATION Week and I did not have the liberty to insult people, so I never said this either*)

Ms. Uzma Shakeel, though you haven’t taught me ever, but you have taught my brother. Jazak Allah for being a very supportive class teacher. And Ms. Asma (*she looks really bewildered at me mentioning her*), despite the first impression I got of you being so very strict, you are actually really sweet.

Ms. Farzana Sarwar, thank you for never handing  a tardy slip if we ever were late after the Opt. Subjects. Thank you for loving Biology and for making me love it too. Is there any way, we can book you for next year??

Ms. Farzana Aziz, you don’t believe us when we say this, but you’re sooooo cuutttteeee! (*Audience laughs hysterically, claps AND hoots 😀 *) Thank you for making History bearable and for all the not-possible death threats. (If you don’t stop talking, I’ll throw you out of the window!)

Ms. Farah Bukhari: thank you for always being generous with compliments.  Ms. Gul-e-Zehra: your awesome style of teaching Urdu, your smile and your always matching bracelets are something I’ll never forget! And lastly, if I haven’t missed out anybody, Ms. Uzma Khan: You are perfection personified!

So, thank you Generation’s for giving me such an amazing life, and HAPPY BIRTH-WEEK (belated now 😛 )!!!


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