An Unfinished Nasheed

Aww…my poor, very much neglected blog: I’m sorry 😦

Really, I have NO time on my hands these days. And that’s saying a lot, considering I am only 15 years old, with no family to look after and no mouths to feed (for now).

BUT, it is the Examination Class…Grade 10 of the Cambridge System and I’ll be appearing for my Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies papers in May *gulp*.

And thus, I have no time.
It’s all study, study, study…and my Unit Assessments are next week (I haven’t even completed a quarter of the syllabus, and that’s really bad for me.)
But, my dear blog, I promise you, the weekend after the Units, however much homework I have, I will, I WILL make a trizillion recipes and I WILL post them for my viewers to view them (and hopefully make them). And I WILL write all those essays that have been circulating my mind these past few days.
Hopefully, a miracle will happen and my projects and homeworks and self-studies and GenCarma work will do itself on it’s own.
Shouldn’t get my hopes up too high though.

Well, I had this amazing idea and I jotted down the lyrics to a Nasheed, I’ll compose myself (IF I have the time). And here go the unfinished lyrics ( I swear I will complete them once I have free time) :

Every day when I wake up
Every morning when I get up

The alarm is ringing
But, gettin’ out of bed, seems the hardest thing

The sky is still dark
I can hear the sounds of the Azaan

I go to the prayer-room
Do Wudu
Spread out my prayer mat

Doing Sajdah to you*

Look to the right, and then to the left
Saying: Assalam-u-Alaikum-wa-Rehmat-Allah


Step out on the terrace for my morning stroll
The sun’s just risen up and the sky has turned blue
Everything is so beautiful
Gotta say: Alhumdullilah to you*


*’you’ is addressed to Allah SWT (or God-whatever you call Him)

And well…that’s that! For now, at least.

Hope you like it.

I gotta rush!
Have to study History, Islamiyat, Biology, Physics, Maths, Add. Maths, and God knows what else!

Allah Hafiz and Goodbye 🙂


3 thoughts on “An Unfinished Nasheed

  1. that was so cool. it was like listening to that annoying voice in my brain that keeps on telling me to study! 😉
    khair, loved it ❤

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