Experimenting with Cupcakes

So…I was looking up many different videos on Youtube, as well as blog posts on decorating cupcakes, and I found a million ways to do so. I was specially inspired by the “Easy Little Pandas” on Bakerella’s website.

However, when I finally sat down to make them, I found it to be one of the most difficult tasks in the world!

The icing was melting before I could get over the average human reaction time of 0.4 seconds! I overfilled the first batch in ignorance, and the fifth batch in frustration. (Oh God! When will this batter finish?) Really, I am a novice baker!

Still, I managed to make them into something…

Betty Crocker's Super Moist Cupcakes Chocolate Crunch (3 in 1) mix

So I started off with one of my favourite cake mixes…

…Added the required ingredients and gave it a good beating.


Greased and lined a mini cupcake tray and poured in the batter (yes, I overfilled it).


Then I baked each batch for 8-9 minutes, until I had gotten myself 51 cupcakes.

Here are my ideas on decorating:


I spread the Vanilla Frosting that came with the mix on a few, and Betty Crocker’s Rich and Creamy Chocolate Frosting on the remaining. I also left some as it is, because I am one of those very few people who enjoy cake without the frosting.


Chocolate Sprinkles on some and Chocolate Crunch (again, with the mix) on others…

Pink and white sprinkles with the chocolate frosting on most of them..
LOL at the two miserable, would-be pandas in the corner 😛


And my favourites: Chocolate icing piped with a star-shaped tip, with a red cherry ball in the center ❤



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