Bhoja Air Crash: Heartbroken

The catastrophic event of 20th April, 2012 was enough to dampen the spirits of the entire nation. 127 innocent Pakistanis lost, millions heartbroken. Tears in the eyes of family members who desperately prayed to Allah SWT as they searched for the names of their beloveds amongst the dead.

When I heard of the crash, naturally, I was very shocked and saddened. When I got to know that four of the children in the airplane (the Chugtai family) had been my fellow-Generians, all of them much younger than me, the world came crashing down. May Allah SWT grant them ‘maghfirat’ and the highest ranks in Paradise, and may their souls rest in peace.

But what hurt me even more was the heartless and indifferent attitude of the newsreporters. I was, literally, crying when I saw a video on a famous news programme’s website, which was basically about the reactions of the family of the deceased.

In the video, the newsreporter kept going to the weeping , depressed family members who were going to collect the bodies and kept asking them extremely cruel and pitiless questions like: “How do you feel?” I mean, is the answer not obvious? They have lost their family, for God’s sake! How do you think they feel?? And, asking them if they wanted the matter to be investigated is even more mean. It will just discourage them even more if you remind them again and again that nothing is actually investigated in this country.

There was this poor guy who had lost his wife in the Crash and he was crying so hard that he could hardly speak. And the in-human newsreporter just asks him about his future plans without his beloved. I was so stunned that I do not even feel that this is worth commenting upon.

It was not a good experience at all. I request you to please, please stop bothering the families of the victims by asking them meaningless and hurting questions. Please change the nature of your inquiry. They already have so much on their minds. Why are you disheartining them even more?
This is the plea of a 15 year old, and I request you: Please listen to it.

May Allah reward them with Jannat un Naim.

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