Caramel Egg Pudding

For detailed instructions with a step-by-step video, view my video on Youtube (


4 eggs
2 slices of bread, crumbled into small pieces
500 ml milk
6 tbsp sugar + extra for caramel
1 tsp vanilla essence


Boil and cool milk.
Soak bread pieces in milk. Also add 6 tbsp sugar.
Crumble with hands. Leave for 10 mins.
Meanwhile, beat egg whites finely till stiff peaks form. Now add the yolks and beat well.
Combine eggs and milk-bread mixture. Add the vanilla essence and beat well.

Heat the metallic vessel you are making the pudding in, directly on flame. Sprinkle sugar on base evenly. When caramel starts to form, set aside. When caramel hardens, pour in pudding batter.

Bake or cook on steam.
Use a pressure cooker, with enough water in it.
Place the vessel in the cooker and steam on medium heat for around 20 mins. Do not use the whistle.
Allow it to cool down.
Test if the pudding has cooked properly – using your finger gently touch the pudding, it should not stick to the finger. If it’s not done, steam for few more mins.
Use a knife gently along the circumference of the pudding, to separate it from the vessel at the sides. Place a plate on top of the vessel and turn around, so that the pudding is on the plate. This is to be done only once the pudding has cooled.
Refrigerate for an hour. Serve chilled for dessert 🙂


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